As Salesforce Consultant Partner, Appswiss is specialized in Salesforce for Nonprofits solutions (NPSP, Nonprofit Cloud). With our help, Nonprofits can centralize information regarding donations, volunteer hours, event participation, and engagement history. This 360° view helps in creating targeted campaigns, personalized communication, and tailored outreach efforts, all aimed at fostering stronger relationships with supporters and maximizing the impact of the organization’s mission.

Salesforce provides data intelligence and insights to help nonprofits grow their income. By leveraging Salesforce’s fundraising capabilities, organizations can better understand their donors, track fundraising efforts, and optimize their fundraising strategies.

Marketing and Engagement
Nonprofits can use Salesforce to know and expand their community through personalized experiences. Salesforce’s marketing and engagement tools enable nonprofits to connect with supporters, deliver targeted campaigns, and build strong relationships with their audience.

Program Management
Salesforce offers solutions for delivering powerful programs at scale. Through features like the Program Management Module (PMM), nonprofits can gain insights into their programs, streamline workflows, and drive better outcomes.

For nonprofits involved in grant-based initiatives, Salesforce provides tools for building relationships with grantmakers and managing funding programs. These solutions help nonprofits track, manage, and deliver grants effectively.

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