Hyperforce is an advanced infrastructure architecture developed by Salesforce specifically for the public cloud. It is designed to deliver the Salesforce platform and applications quickly and reliably to various locations worldwide. The key advantage of Hyperforce is that it allows customers to have more control and choice over the residency and compliance of their data.

When Salesforce products are deployed on Hyperforce, they benefit from enhanced standards for compliance, security, agility, and scalability. This means that customers can enjoy improved data security, privacy, and the ability to scale their business more flexibly and sustainably. Hyperforce also enables faster deployment of updates and maintenance without downtime, as well as increased interoperability with AWS, a popular cloud computing platform.

With Hyperforce, customers can serve their employees and customers globally while maintaining control over data residency and compliance. The infrastructure provides robust security measures, including least-privileged control, zero-trust principles, and encryption of customer data at rest and in transit. It also adheres to comprehensive privacy standards, giving customers transparency and control over their customers’ data.

Overall, Hyperforce empowers Salesforce to innovate across its product clouds and deliver additional value to customers by providing a common foundation for deploying application stacks. It combines the benefits of cloud computing with Salesforce’s commitment to compliance, security, privacy, and agility.

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